Letter: Importance of career readiness programs

Originally published in the Montgomery Advertiser – September 26, 2019

The traditional methods we’ve used to prepare our students for the job market simply aren’t good enough anymore. And they know it. In a recent survey, 74% of young people said they “felt their schools failed to fully prepare them for the professional world.”

Thankfully, the career readiness programs that Alabama offers are helping our students get the preparation they need.

In addition to focusing on their core academic studies, students who take advantage of career readiness programs can explore potential careers in growing fields like health services, information technology, advanced manufacturing and more. Students can also participate in hands-on learning experiences like internships or apprenticeships. Some high school students even work toward industry certifications or earn an associate degree. All of these resources are giving Alabama students a competitive advantage—in college, in the workforce, and beyond.

No matter what, our shared goal should be to prepare our students for the days, months and years after they graduate from high school. The future of Alabama’s job market is at stake and our children are depending on us to get this right.

Jaclyn Stringer

Administrator, Alabama Destinations Career Academy

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