Shaun McAlmont on the Brain Mudd Show: The National Report Card

Originally aired on The Brain Mudd Show – November 8, 2019

Doctor Shaun McAlmont, President of Career Readiness at K12, shares his input on career readiness and education. Dr. McAlmont explains that if we want to teach the younger generation, we must use newer techniques to engage them in their learning. This makes learning more relevant and applicable.

Dr. McAlmont shares “This generation has access to way more information than any of us did in our lives. They have technology permeating everything they do, they play games that are extremely complex. They have found ways to really work their brains but yet we sit them in rows in a classroom, lecturing to them in ways we have done for 150 years and I don’t think that works anymore for this young generation.”

KEYWORDS: Career Readiness

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