Originally published in The Hendersonville Times-News – September 23, 2019

Right now, thousands of students across South Carolina are settling into college and campus life. Unfortunately, many of them don’t know what to major in because they don’t know what they’re passionate about. I think there’s a way to help our students succeed in college and the workforce — years before they even get there. And it’s called career readiness.

Career readiness education isn’t the vocational training of the past. Rather, it’s exposing middle and high school students to various career options earlier on during their academic journey. It’s also giving them access to work-based learning experiences like internships and job shadowing as they focus on their core studies like math, history and English.

As a result, career readiness programs give them multiple opportunities to apply everything they’re learning in the classroom to the development of professional skills they will eventually need as adults.

Having students who are both college- and career-ready is critical to South Carolina’s workforce. Students who take the opportunity to participate in the many career readiness programs and organizations our state offers do better academically and are more successful in landing a job.

Jennifer Mau, career readiness administrator, Cyber Academy of South Carolina

To learn more about Cyber Academy of South Carolina, visit https://casc.k12.com/

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