Coastal Daybreak: Shaun McAlmont

Originally aired on Coastal Break – November 11, 2019

President of Career Readiness at K12, Shaun McAlmont, joins Coastal Break to talk about the future of education. Shaun explains that K12 provides an alternative learning environments. Dr. McAlmont shares that education has not changed in years and now we have different demographic. It is time to change to help new learners succeed.

Dr. McAlmont says “technology is driving innovation and automation. We are finding there is big skills gap…one of the ways to prepare young people is to teach them differently.” The goal of updating the way we teach can prepare students for their futures, and hopefully save them time and money as well.

At K12, 7th and 8th graders are introduced to different career options. Students learn career and college readiness opportunities before they graduate.

Dr. McAlmont says, “we are bringing industry to the students.” That way students understand their futures and they can be as successful as possible.

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