Build and Boost: Your Career Path – Early and Often

Originally published in Next Step Universe – October 3, 2019

“College now is a means to an end,” says Shaun McAlmont, President of Career Readiness for the company K12 who helped author a recent report ( on the issue. “When a student goes to college – especially if they’re taking on debt to pay for it – they should have a solid understanding of what they are trying to achieve over the course of two to four years before making the commitment. This is where career readiness work in high school pays off.”

He says a “staggering number of job openings are going unfilled right now” in critical fields. “But yet we still have a K-12 education system that pushes kids into debt-filled futures without nearly enough exposure to those opportunities.”

Read Shaun McAlmont’s full interview with Next Step Universe here on page 20 and 21:

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