Work, school and bulls; how a local teen goes above and beyond

Originally aired on KSAT-TV – July 20, 2018

It’s not uncommon for high school students to have jobs, but Nikki Nix is not your average teenager.

Her job takes her across the country as she helps with her family’s business and her own business: bull riding.

“His name is Livin Lucky. I’ve kind of grown up with them and then the last couple of years, he’s gotten to go to the bigger PBR deal,s which I’ve been very thankful for,” Nix said.

PBR is professional bull riding and it’s what Nikki and the Nix family orchestrates, making sure bulls get to some of the biggest events.

“It’s all a team effort. We all have to put our own amount of work into it. It is not just dependent on the bulls. It’s not just dependent on the riders. It all works in a circle,” Nix said.

And these competitions can lead the Nix family from coast to coast.

“I think the furthest I’ve gone with my mom and dad is Florida or Georgia, probably,” Nix said.

To make sure Nikki has the future she wants, she enrolled with Texas Virtual Academy at Hallsville, an online public school.

“Wanting a career for myself and just being able to still do this makes me motivated, just because it’s definitely not easy all the time. You have assignments that you don’t want to do, you have things that you don’t want to do in school all the time, but you know, when you have things that motivate you like what you want to do in your future, it helps keep you going,” Nix said.

Nikki’s future may not be completely aimed at the bull riding industry.

“It’s teaching, just because I love kids and especially little kids is where I mainly want to teach. That way, too, I’ll be able to still do this every once in a while and just enjoy myself,” Nix said.

The Nix family owns and operates JD Nix Rodeo Company, but Nikki has her own business, as well, in which she has her own bulls.

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