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Originally published in The Idaho Press-Tribune – July 13, 2018

I wanted to share my family’s experience with public school at home in the hopes of helping another family realize that there are free, high-quality education options available to us in Boise beyond the traditional brick-and-mortar school.

My daughter Kat had home-schooled off and on throughout her elementary years in various states and while she found the most successful learning from home, she opted to go back to a brick-and-mortar middle school. Unfortunately, Kat had some health issues, and we realized that learning from home would be best for her education.

Enter Idaho Technical Career Academy, powered by K12, which provided a tuition-free online public education. As Idaho’s only career-focused virtual school, Kat was provided with an education that was tailored to fit her individual needs.

I realize how good of a decision we made as Kat prepares to attend The College of Idaho this fall and has been awarded almost $25,000 in academic scholarships. Kat chose to complete the business career path with ITCA and now has a Microsoft certification because of the program.

I want other families to know that there is a school option for their child regardless of the situation they may be dealing with. The ITCA program offers so much support, from their teachers to their tutoring sessions, and we know that Kat would not be where she is today without that help.

On July 18, the K12 Public School at Home Tour is coming to Boise with an interactive mobile exhibit that offers a chance to learn more about K12 and meet local school administrators and educators. I encourage parents to check it out and become familiar with the public school at home option — it might change your lives the way it did ours!

Sheri Falk, Nampa

To learn more about Idaho Technical Career Academy, visit https://itca.k12.com/.

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