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Originally published in the Idaho Statesman – December 23, 2018

We enrolled our daughter Lauren at Idaho Technical Career Academy (ITCA) three years ago when she struggled with reaching her full-potential at her brick and mortar school. Lauren has ADHD where the large class sizes, low teacher-to-student ratios, and constant distractions, sabotaged her success. With ITCA it’s like night-and-day.

Lauren enjoys the flexibility ITCA offers to learn at her own pace, take necessary breaks to be the best student she can, and is free from distraction. She competes with Mountain View High School on the golf team and in Business Professionals of America. She credits ITCA for preparing her for college level study.

Online school has been a game-changer for Lauren. We want Idaho to continue protecting school choice for our family and other families and students needing school options beyond the traditional classroom environment.


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