Local woman earns doctorate in pharmacy, says online schooling as child prepared her for college

Originally aired on KPVI-TV – July 15, 2020

As uncertainty about the upcoming school year continues due to the novel coronavirus, more parents and students are considering online programs. One local woman says online schooling as a child helped prepare her to pursue a doctorate in pharmacy.

"Initially, we started going to online school because my younger sister has a rare genetic disorder and she needed a bone marrow transplant. We started to help decrease the amount of germs in the house," says Dr. Jennalyn Crapuchettes.

Dr. Crapuchettes grew up in Pocatello, Boise and American Falls. Like many students who are enrolling in online school programs due to COVID-19, she transitioned from traditional schooling to online classes through both Idaho Virtual Academy and Idaho Technical Career Academy in order to keep illness from spreading to her family and to protect the health of her younger sister. 

Recently, she graduated with her doctorate in pharmacy from Idaho State University. She says taking online classes as a child prepared her for college. "When I got to college, and there's a little less hand-held learning, I was able to do it on my own and to get through some of the things a lot of students struggled with," she adds.

Just weeks before graduating from grad school, COVID-19 caused the campus to shut down, and classes went virtual.

Again, Dr. Crapuchettes was prepared. "It didn't seem, at least for me, it didn't feel like it was as stressful because we went online as it was for a couple other students who were just like, 'I don't know about this. I'm not sure about this whole thing,'" she says.

With the uncertainty surrounding schools reopening this coming year, many parents are debating enrolling their children in online programs. To that, Dr. Crapuchettes says: "If your kid is really thriving in that environment, then I would say go for it. It's not going to keep them from reaching their goals in college."

To learn more about Idaho Virtual Academy visit: https://idva.k12.com/

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