Letter to the editor: Virtual Academy

Originally published in The Idaho Statesman – November 20, 2018

Teachers play a significant role in shaping our lives, yet their efforts often go unrecognized. I think this needs to change. While attending high school at Idaho Virtual Academy (IDVA), my homeroom teacher, Ms. Frost, helped me build my confidence in writing. Because of her, I’m now pursuing a creative writing degree which I never would’ve considered if I hadn’t met her.

Ms. Frost encouraged me to follow my passions no matter how difficult they may appear. Writing never seemed like something I’d be able to do as a career. Yet with her advice, I’m working towards my goal of becoming a professional writer.

Because of Ms. Frost, I now understand how much a teacher can impact a student’s life. It’s time that we all start to recognize the importance of teachers and appreciate the impact they have on us.

Kim Gailey, Boise

To learn more about Idaho Virtual Academy, visit https://idva.k12.com/

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