Letter to the Editor: Career Readiness from the Student Perspective

Originally published in the Idaho Press Tribune — November 16, 2018

As a 17-year-old entrepreneur, my dreams and ambitions are quite precocious. After launching my own custom fishing pole business, I felt a need to grab the reigns of my high school education to ensure that I was learning business skills that would enhance my budding career. Now that I’m enrolled in career readiness courses at my online high school, Idaho Technical Career Academy (ITCA) I’m confident that I have gained skills and knowledge that will help me thrive in college and beyond.

My career readiness courses immerse me in the ins and outs of the business field through rigorous coursework and experiential opportunities. My involvement in the Business Professionals of America (BPA) has given me immense insight and connected me with numerous like-minded emerging business owners.

Thanks to my experiences at ITCA, I feel empowered to prosper with my business. After I graduate this May, I plan to attend college for business management and expand my company. I’m incredibly thankful for my career readiness classes, as they have effectively prepared me for the expectations of running a business. Now, I have a pathway that I can follow in college and a clear vision of what’s next. Thanks to my career readiness courses, my road to success has been paved—before I even graduate from high school!

Corbin Broner, Emmet

To learn more about Idaho Technical Career Academy, visit https://itca.k12.com/.

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