Letter: Prepared for the future

Originally published in the Moscow-Pullman Daily News – November 17, 2018

Many people don’t realize the process that takes place to get food from the farm to our tables, but my son, Ethan, is learning just that, thanks to his career readiness classes at his online high school, Idaho Technical Career Academy. These classes are exposing Ethan to new skills to help him find the perfect career path.

In his agriculture classes, Ethan is learning topics that aren’t taught in typical schools, like watersheds and weather patterns, which both have an important influence on crop growth. Ethan is also learning about the equipment used in food processing and the steps taken to ensure our food is safe.

The knowledge and skills he has gained at such a young age thanks to his career readiness classes will surely set Ethan apart when searching for a job or applying to colleges. It’s encouraging to know my son is prepared for wherever his future takes him.

Michelle Aguirre

To learn more about Idaho Technical Career Academy, visit https://itca.k12.com/

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