Krislyn Baumann: Online school is a solution that works

Originally published in the Cap Times - July 24, 2020

Dear Editor: As a high school student, any small road bump can completely derail your plans for the future. I never thought that I’d have to change the way I was taught. I never thought I would have to leave the brick-and-mortar classroom setting.

Unfortunately, I was forced to have a major surgery which doctors told me was going to require a lot of time away from school. For me, this wasn’t really an option, as I had college and future medical field aspirations in mind. I thought missing school was the only option, but luckily, I was able to enroll in online school at Destinations Career Academy of Wisconsin and get my education back on track.

I ended up getting so much more out of an online education than I ever thought possible. After graduation, I went to college to be a medical assistant. Online school helped better prepare me for this than a traditional high school ever could. The classes are focused on the students' interests, instead of a baseline learning at a brick-and-mortar.

Online school is a solution that works. My best advice for anyone considering online classes is that if you considered it once, it is for you. We need to make sure that every student has a school to return to this fall that meets their needs.

Krislyn Baumann

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