Janesville Teen with Autism Finds Passion Through Computers

Originally aired on WISC-TV on March 3, 2018

A local teenager with autism has a renewed love for school while taking online courses that let him focus on his passion for computer technology.

Devon Casper, 14, has had a love of programming for years.

“The school helps a ton, like for IT now that I’m doing it,” Devon said. “But the problem is, these classes don’t come in until high school, and I was wanting to do this ever since I was 10, so I was self-teaching myself since I was 10.”

Devon’s mother, Tirzah Casper, said he’s come miles since starting online classes through Wisconsin Virtual Academy and Wisconsin Destinations Career Academy.

“Before, he wasn’t really getting much because he wasn’t allowed to be in the classroom,” Tirzah Casper said. “He was having a lot of the work kind of come home with him, and he just wasn’t learning like he should have been learning in the classroom. So when we put him into the virtual school, he got to just kind of do it at his own pace.” When he grows up, Devon said, he wants to repair electronics — something he’s already been doing.

“I do that for friends and family all the time. I take a laptop and fix it,” Devon said. “So I can just repair electronics, and I can influence more generalized population, just helping people out for a low cost.”

To learn more about Wisconsin Virtual Academy and Destinations Career Academy of Wisconsin, visit http://wiva.k12.com/ and http://widca.k12.com/

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