Career readiness classes are beneficial to education

Originally published in The Post Register – February 19, 2020

Like many of my peers, the looming shadow of potential student loans overwhelms me. I refuse to graduate from college with a weight of debt on my shoulders. That’s why I’m interested in getting a head start and exploring future career options without adding additional time or tuition to my college career. Thanks to the career readiness education classes I’ve taken in online school, I know I’m well prepared for my future.

At Idaho Technical Career Academy, I’ve been introduced to exciting career fields like health science, and I’m exploring every option available to me. I’m currently enrolled in the pharmacy tech pathway where I get to learn more about this unique medical field while also taking relevant classes, like anatomy and physiology. I’m also working toward earning the certifications I need to help me stand out on my college applications.

As I prepare to graduate later this spring, I plan to major in health information technology at Idaho State University. I’m glad I had the option to find my passion for this field early on without taking on additional debt in college. Career readiness classes are an invaluable addition to my education, and I encourage all high schools to offer these programs and help ensure student success.

Jordin Oborn


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