Career academy helped my son

Originally published in The Idaho Press-Tribune – November 2, 2018

With a constantly evolving job market, it’s crucial for schools to offer classes that prepare students for the demands of the future workplace. Thanks to the career readiness classes at my son TJ’s online high school, Idaho Technical Career Academy, I know that he’s learning the skills that employers are looking for.

Like many teenage boys, my son has a passion for computers and technology. Thanks to his career readiness classes, TJ can do more than just play video games; now, he can create and design his own. In addition, last year TJ took classes in Adobe Photoshop and learned about graphic design. After this class, he was able to receive his certification and become an Adobe Photoshop certified expert.

As a parent, it’s encouraging to know that my son’s future is bright because he’s able to learn these skills while still in high school. I’m grateful that TJ’s career readiness classes have given him invaluable experiences and a deeper knowledge in subjects that interest him. Most importantly, the classes help TJ gain a sense of direction for his future at such a young age.

Brenda Munger, Nampa

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