Cincy coding camp offers course credits for kids stuck at home this summer

Originally aired on WXIX-TV - April 29, 2020

With schools out of session and most summer camps canceled, some parents may be trying to figure out how to keep their kids busy.

Many kids spend their time glued to video games like Fortnight, Rocket League and Super Smash Brothers.

Some parents might look at that as more problem than solution. Not so with Destinations Career Academy, where kids have the chance to learn about the programming behind video games at a summer camp.

It’s hands-on learning that can help them prepare for their future.

“We’ve been thinking about doing virtual summer camps for a long time, and I think this COVID crisis really forced us to speed up our plans and offer something to families free of charge and virtual,” said Shaun McAlmont, the President of Career Learning Solutions at K12.

Students sign up for the coding courses, of which there are two: eSports + Coding from June 15-25 and Virtual Reality from July 6-16.

The students are then sent different projects to complete online.

“This field in particular is behind a lot of apps that you use on your phone, how websites operate in the background to make them easier to for users,” said McAlmont. “When you’re coding, you essentially program these technologies to work in easy ways, so they’re really great jobs students can get on that career path while they’re in high school.”

McAlmont also says students who complete the course can earn credits towards graduation, getting them a foot in the door to enter a career field that currently has 20,000-plus job openings and is expected to double in that regard.

Even if your child isn’t interested in coding after summer camp, McAlmont says that they gain confidence and learn critical skills.

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