Job Shadow Week allows students to connect with business leaders and explore career paths

Originally aired on Erie News Now - July 14, 2020

Students across the nation are getting a chance to chat virtually with business leaders across multiple fields. 

A virtual Job Shadow Week is being hosted by K12. It is allowing high school students to connect with business leaders and explore and tour career paths. Question and answer sessions are ongoing all week to help students discover and learn more about different industries.

The free program also provides video sessions to learn more about how their skills can be used in future careers.

"There is a lot of opportunity that's going to happen to not only get these students into companies, but I think with their technical abilities, it's going to also [give] them the ability to fast-track to move up with in the companies as we go forward," said Tallo CEO Casey Welch.

The virtual Job Shadow Week will continue with virtual sessions, through Friday, for any high school student showing interest. 

Learn more about Job Shadow Week here.

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