Destinations Career Academy Offering Free Summer Camps for Coding and eSports

Originally aired on WMTV - May 14, 2020

Rising 8th through 11th graders are eligible to sign up for a free online computer coding and esports summer camp put on by Destination Career Academy.

Students will learn the basics of computer coding and get to work on popular game programs like Fortnite, Rocket League and Super Smash Brother Ultimate.

There are two sessions of the camp one runs June 15-25 and the other is July 6-16. The camp is set up like online learning. Students will log into a virtual classroom and have the opportunity to interact with the instructor and other students across the country.

The camp hopes to promote healthy gaming within students and provide information on what careers there are in the computer coding and video game design industry.

"This is the coding, we're not just playing games we're actually learning how to create them so I think that opens the eyes of students who are playing games currently or using apps that they want to find out what is under the hood of this or how do I make this. A lot of times I tell students start small. If you can make a button click on an app then you're well on your way to making your own game," Ben Leskovansky, one of the coding and esports camp instructor, said.

The deadline to sign up for the first camp session is June 1st. To sign up click here.


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