Virtual Learning Tips for Teachers

Originally aired on WJFW-TV – October 7, 2020

Teachers adjusting to virtual learning has been a huge task along with keeping students interested in the curriculum. Pat Acker, Wisconsin Virtual Academy business education teacher says any new family or teachers adjusting should consider these key factors.

“Number one to be organized to have some type of routine or schedule. Combining that with flexibility, flexibility is a real indefinite benefit in virtual learning but that has to be managed and certainly balanced,” says Acker.

The most difficult task is keeping students attention. Acker advises during class periods to give students a chance to talk enforcing participation.

“We don’t want to talk and dominate for that full hour so yeah we’re really cognizant of that ability unfortunately, that propensity to lose students during that time so we try to get them involved and engaged and as interactive as we can during that real time,” says Acker.

Experts say the high school level could have a more difficult time adjusting to virtual learning lacking the physical presence. This could potentially cause a lack of self-regulation and motivation in the classroom.

Acker advises for teachers to provide group work or allow students to instruct the class giving them an opportunity to show they’ve processed the work and provide a more enjoyable take on class.

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