Hospitals deal with staffing issues as coronavirus cases surge

Originally aired on WGME-TV - December 16, 2020

As hospitals across the country deal with a surge in coronavirus cases, many are dealing with staffing issues, and there are long-term concerns as well.

One study shows the industry will need to make up for the retirement of 1 million nurses by 2030.

So there's a push now to get middle and high schoolers on the right track, and while you might think the pandemic would scare some kids away from the field, experts say it's actually having the opposite effect.

“For students who are really interested in the field, this doesn't seem to be scaring them at all,” Stride Health Careers Program Director Dr. Sherri Wilson said. “If anything, students are inspired to keep pursuing a career in nursing.”

Wilson says most students who are interested in the medical field know early on, so developing those skills early helps them jump right in after high school, ready to take their national certification tests.

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