Destinations Career Academy of Wisconsin sees increase in health courses

Originally aired on FOX6 News Milwaukee - January 7, 2020

Health care workers have been at the forefront of the pandemic. Because of this, some schools are seeing an increase in enrollment for health care courses. 

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"When Destinations Career Academy of Wisconsin opened we looked at what our needs were across the state so we could provide our students with skills for the workforce because we wanted them to be able to be employed," said Carrie Cherney, WIDCA Career Program Administrator. 

Destinations Career Academy of Wisconsin offers fully-online courses. A learning format more families are becoming familiar with.

"I think a lot more people were looking so I’m not that surprised that they found we met a need they had or an interest," said Cherney. 

Particularly, an interest in the health care pathway courses offered. 

"We’ve seen more students have an interest or even want to learn more about nursing in our preparatory classes for that. Whether they’re coming from the inner school already or coming from other districts," said Cherney. 

School administration think the pandemic's spotlight on health care workers correlates with the increased interest. 

"I think that until you’re in the hospital or ill you might not appreciate the nurses or all the staff at the hospital as much as if you were in the situation. But I think having COVID kind of brought that out into homes," said Cherney. 

The nursing program allows students to get credits to continue their education and get certified. 

"A couple of years ago, we had a student take one of our CNA prep courses, and then they went into the next step which is the courses at the tech college to get certified. They said they felt more prepared and they were doing better than their college counterparts," said Cherney. 

Also giving high school students a chance to explore career opportunities. 

"There are a lot of high school students who aren’t sure what they want to do and that’s ok, but the fact that we can support students who do have a plan and have them get there faster and get a leg up in support already in high school. It’s really a big deal to myself and our teachers," said Cherney. 

Destinations Career Academy of Wisconsin is open to students across the state. The courses can be taken as a full-time student online or part-time with just electives. 

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