Insight School of PA Prepares High School Students for Medical Careers

Originally aired on WSEE-TV - January 12, 2020

Our nation's health care system is in crisis.

In Pennsylvania, a huge influx in COVID-19 cases have pushed hospitals to their breaking point, and a nurse shortage is very real.
But despite all this, more and more people are answering the call to be a nurse, even at a young age.

We've always known nurses to be special people, nurturing and kind, caring for patients at many times during the worst times of their lives, “ It takes a special person to be a nurse, caring, listening and driven,” said Lauren Ardiff, Health Professions Teacher with Insight PA Cyber Charter School (ISPA).

And this pandemic has shined a light on their work, their true heroism, working on the front lines day after day during a deadly pandemic, “These front line workers are out there right now constantly, working over 12 hour shifts,” said Ardiff.

But that exhausting work isn't leading people to shy away from the field of nursing, in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Ardiff is a Health Professions Teacher with ISPA. It's a virtual charter school, allowing high school students to take the certified nursing assistant program or other medical pathways and potentially get a job right out of high school, “We have seen almost a 200% increase, we started with less than 100 students and our current enrollment just in our nursing pathway is over 200.”

Ardiff says ISPA is so busy, they've added more teachers.

And while they haven't necessarily changed their curriculum because of the pandemic, of course COVID is now a big part of the learning.

ISPA is helping with the shortage of nurses, it also works with local colleges to offer students hands-on skills training.

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