Alabama Destinations Career Academy Ready for the New School Year

Alabama Destinations Career Academy (ALDCA)—an online statewide program of the Chickasaw City School District—is ready to get back to work providing students with the interactive and engaging learning experience they need during these unprecedented times. Teachers and students in grades K-10 will open their laptops to log on and start the 2020-2021 school year on August 13, 2020.

The first day of school comes amid many families’ school-related concerns during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. At ALDCA, students can pair a solid academic foundation with applied learning experiences in growing career fields including, but not limited to: informational technology, health sciences, and advanced manufacturing. Even if students do not know exactly what they want to do after high school graduation, career learning programs help expose and prepare them for a world of what’s possible.

“With ALDCA, students of every background and ability-level are receiving a quality, online education,” said Dr. Michele Eller, Chief Academic Officer and Assistant Superintendent of Chickasaw City Schools. “ALDCA teachers have honed their strategies for personalizing the student learning experience. This is an essential part of fostering student engagement and success.”

In addition to career learning courses, ALDCA students have access to a robust online curriculum and attend live virtual classes taught by state-certified teachers who help bring lessons to life. Students are offered a full course load in the core subjects of math, science, English language arts, history, art and music, as well as a host of electives. Teachers regularly communicate with students and their families via email, phone and during one-on-one meetings online.

“At ALDCA, we know online school is a solution that works,” said ALDCA Head of School Kayleen Marble. “Our curriculum is individualized and adaptive to meet every student’s changing academic needs.”

Many families and students are choosing online school because it provides an alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar education. Athletes, advanced learners, and all types of students can balance a full academic load along with extracurricular pursuits or any other specialized needs.

ALDCA is still accepting enrollments for the fall. Interested students and families are encouraged to attend online information sessions hosted by ALDCA.

To learn more, visit or download the K12 enrollment app for iOS and Android devices.

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