Students are stepping up to help fill the shortage of medical professionals in Indiana

Originally aired on WTHI-TV - January 25, 2021

Health care has been at the forefront of this entire pandemic. According to Indiana educators, the health care industry needs more workers. Students see this and are now rising up to help fill in the gaps.

Elizabeth Sliger is a school administrator at Indiana Digital Learning School.

The online K-12 school has seen a 40% enrollment increase this year. Sliger said this is due to COVID-19.

She said the enrollment increase was seen overall, but it was concentrated in health-care studies.

Sliger told News 10 that many hospitals are feeling overwhelmed due to the pandemic. She said her students recognize this impact and have a stronger desire to help.

That help is in the form of more students wanting to go into health care.

Sliger said, "And I think so many students have seen the kind of help that nursing does in the front lines, and the kind of difference it can make in somebody's lives. And they just want to be a part of it."

Many students have been seeing doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals risk everything in order to keep us all healthy.

Sliger said seeing real-life examples of healthcare workers and the difference they make on a daily basis has made her students want to help even more.

She said, "Plus it's very purpose-driven. I mean the nurses on the frontlines right now are meaningfully helping people, and helping families."

Sliger said many of her students are also working on the frontlines right now. She told News 10 that's helped further their education.

She said her students are able to step up and do more because their school is all online. Sliger said, "I know we have a student working in a nursing home right now, and through all of this she has been able to make a real difference but maintain her studies, and get closer to her dream."

Sliger said seeing her students step up to help has been amazing.

She told News 10 watching her students navigate their learning experience this year has helped her become a better educator and has taught her valuable lessons along the way.

Sliger said, "When times get the hardest we have to remember that we learn the most from our kids. They have so much to teach us about resilience and growth, and the ability to learn and adapt. We need to take a minute to learn from them."

Sliger said she's proud of all of her students and can't wait to see what difference they'll make.

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